Dora the Tomboy


Children embark on adventures every time they stand in front of the television set and interact with Dora Marquez, Dora the Explorer. Dora is a unique character that was developed to grab the attention of both preschool males and females, in order to teach the young children Spanish and information about Latin culture –as well as to maintain a large market for the image of Dora. The creators of Dora Marquez developed her into a curious and talented seven-year old with short hair, tennis shoes, and plain clothing –as portrayed in the photograph below this post. Dora’s behavior in the episode “Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure”, was very helpful towards others, yet assertive. In this episode, Dora counted on her map, and millions of preschoolers, to help bring the Penguin back to his home in Antarctica. Throughout the her three-step journey to Antarctica, Dora remains the confident heroine that most Americans have grown to love. Unfortunately Kingsley R. Browne suggests that “women’s self-identity and self esteem tend to be centered around sensitivity to and relations with others, while men’s self-concepts tend to be centered around task performance, skills, [and] independence,” therefore Dora’s behavioral traits represent that of both male and female(Browne, 84). Her bi-gender roles include a males sense of autonomy and a females sense of compassion. Moreover, her behaviors have received praise from Latin Feminists throughout Latin America. They believe that Dora’s lack of pride, emotional sensitivity, and confidence are behavioral traits of an outstanding woman rather than a bi-gender role figure. The Latin population also helps credit Dora for aiding with the “increased awareness of women’s rights” within Latin America and for the protection of future Latinas (Hanser, 215). Dora’s unique personality caused her to have a widespread reputation. Therefore she became the first Latina character in the Macy’s parade. Overall, Dora is a boyish girl, a tomboy, an exceptional female personality.

Dora the Tomboy


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